Privacy policy

Regarding the handling of user information in an easy meditation timer (hereinafter referred to as “this application”), we have established the following application and privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) and announced it. Please check this policy before installing this application, please use this application after understanding the contents. In this policy, “user information” means information related to customer identification, behavior history on communication services, and other information generated, used or accumulated in connection with customers on customers’ smartphones It means what this application will acquire based on this policy.

【User information, purpose, transmission stop transmitted from the application body】

In this application, crash information is collected for quality improvement. We will not provide this information to third parties.
This application does not provide a means to stop sending user information. If you want to stop sending, uninstall this application.
With this application, we will use your heart rate information, but we will not collect or send anything to the outside at all.
【User information sent from the information collection module, purpose, destination】

Google Analytics
This application acquires the number of page views, the number of impressions, the number of clicks (hereinafter “numerical information”) of the screen viewed by the user using firebase which is analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”) It has the function to do. In addition, the numerical information is subjected to analysis statistical processing and processed so that individuals can not be identified. It is used only for quality improvement. Also, under Google’s responsibility, Google will manage numerical information based on Google’s terms of service and privacy policy. For details, please visit our website. Google’s privacy policy
Advertising ID
This application has the function to automatically obtain advertisement ID from the terminal by using AdMob provided by Google. For details, please visit our “AdMob and AdSense Policy” homepage
This application uses Crashlytics provided by google to crash when this application is forcibly terminated due to an unexpected problem (hereinafter “crash”), the crash date and time, the location of the defect in the program presumed to be the cause of the crash ( Hereinafter “crash information”), and the function to acquire the model information of the terminal and the ID for identifying the terminal. Crash information, terminal model information, and ID (hereinafter referred to as “crash information etc.”) that identifies the terminal are sent to google in a state where the individual can not identify it. We will use crash information etc. to improve the quality of this application. For details, please visit our website. Google’s privacy policy
* 1: The information collection module is a program created by a third party independent of the function of the application body, which analyzes the advertisement display and frequency of use of the application.
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